5 Amazing Things To Do in Latvia With a Latvia Tourist Visa

Do not leave out Latvia when planning your European vacation. There is a growing interest in visiting this little country in North-eastern Europe because of its unique buildings, museums open to the public, and beautiful scenery. That’s why many new-age travellers are getting a Latvia Tourist Visa to explore this beautiful country!

Even though it was one of the last countries in the region to convert to Christianity, many of its folk customs are still deeply rooted in pagan beliefs and practices.

Latvia, with its vibrant capital city of Riga and its cool Baltic Sea beaches, has a lot to offer the curious tourist, and it does so at a very reasonable cost. Did you know?

Latvia is renowned for its beer, attractive ladies, lakes and spell-binding  Riga, as well as its UNESCO World Heritage Sites, which comprise the old city centre of Riga, distinctive cuisines like Rupjmaize, historic towns, and one of the best WiFi connections in the world.

To help you extract the best experience of your Latvian vacationing, we have curated a guide. You can refer to the best places to visit and things to do in Latvia in the following section. Add these places to your Latvia travel bucket list and create memories for life!

5 Top-Notch Things To See and Explore In Latvia

1). Latvia’s Capital City – Riga

One-third of Latvia’s capital Riga is studded with Art Nouveau architecture and Wooden architecture that dates back to the 19th century.

It gives you a plethora of reasons to stay and enjoy the thriving Latvian atmosphere. You can explore one of the largest European markets – the Riga Central Market, which features iconic 20th-century structures. And it has now been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

A few other notable places to explore in Riga are Albert Street, the Corner House, House of the Blackheads and Bastion Hill.

2).White Sandy Beaches at Jurmal

Pronounced as “Yermala”, the Jurmala peninsula boasts of one of the best beaches in Latvia. It is located at a 30-minute train ride from Latvia’s capital city, Riga. The beaches at Jurmala are stretched for around 33 km along the Baltic Coast, bordered by thriving and verdant pine forests.

Some of the renowned beaches located along Jurmala are Majori, Bulduri, Dzintari, Lielupe, Priedaine and Asari. These beaches feature white sand and picturesque scenery – a perfect escape into the charm of nature! In addition, these beaches have something unique to offer.

While Major is crowded and entices the athletic young people, Bulduri is a paradise for families. Dzintari and Asari feature some of the most luxurious and expensive hotels in Latvia.

3). Hiking Trails:

Here are some of the top hiking/walking trails in Latvia that you should explore:

a. The Forest Trail

The Forest Trail is a great way to escape the city and spend some quiet time in nature, where you can enjoy the fresh pine air, bask in the warm moss, and let your mind wander.

Starting in Riga, the Forest Trail ends up in Tallinn after passing through some of the most wooded areas of both countries and three different national parks.  

b. The 1836 Train

In celebration of the country’s centennial, a single 1,836-kilometer touristic route around Latvia was established.

Explore picturesque river valleys, shell-filled beaches, pine woodlands, and golden ear farms. Large oak trees, historic valleys, mythological hills, and caverns may all be found along the trail.

The best way to see all of Latvia is by driving around on route 1836. Explore Latvia, from its remotest nooks to its bustling cities, and get to know its people.

4. Discover The Resort City of Jurmala

Jurmala, a popular tourist destination, is home to around 30 kilometres’ worth of beaches. It’s only 20 miles from Riga, the Latvian capital, and it’s broken up into sections, each of which has its own stretch of beach.

Here are some popular beaches that you should visit:

1. Jaunquemeri and Bulduri

Jaunkemeri and Bulduri beaches, situated 42 kilometres from Riga, are great places for families to relax and enjoy time together. Primarily because of its massive proportions.

a. Pumpuri

Windsurfers and kitesurfers will love Pumpuri. The waves are fairly large, and the winds are gusty. Visitors to Pumperi need not be surfers to enjoy the best spot in the world for kite-flying.

b. Majori

The centre location of the beach makes it the busiest and most populated on all of Jurmala’s shoreline. Many young people go there because there are lots of places to hang out and lots of beach activities for the physically active and adventurous.

5. Visit The Kemeri National Park

Located primarily in wetlands and forests, Kemeri National Park ranks as the country’s third-largest protected area.

The Kemeri bog, the park’s abundant wildlife, and the park’s medicinal mud and mineral springs are what bring most visitors to the area. This area’s wetland features make it ideal for ferns, moss, and transitional bogs to flourish.

Here are some interesting places that you should visit in the National Park:

a. Lake Kanieris

If you’re interested in birdwatching, Lake Kanieris is a great place to do it in the park. There’s a vantage point for watching birds from a tower near the lake, and the path there passes through one of the densest stands of juniper in all of Latvia.

b. Kemeri Resort

Kemeri National Park is unique in that sulphurous water has been produced as a result of the reaction between the dolomite bedrock and the bogs and fens.

For this reason, the Kemeri Resort has been welcoming guests in search of restorative sulphur and mud baths since the 18th century.

c. Discover Flora & Fauna

Hundreds of moss, lichen, and fungus species can be found in the Park. Many plant varieties are safe from extinction.

The Great Kemeri Bog and Lake Kanieris are two of the most important wetlands in the world for avian species. The park provides excellent conditions for both eating and nesting.

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